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The Fubee digital is a well-established brand that came into action on 20th June 2017. Since its establishment, it has built an image to be one of the leading company with delivering a piece of 360-degree information that is bounded by multi-domain expertise. Mr. Aman Kumar, Founder of Fubee Digital is industry expertise and experience in the field of technology and digital segments with more than 19 years of experience in diversified profiles enabled to identify the challenges in the industry and focus on transforming challenges into opportunities. This profound company holds a strong charisma in the industry for Digital advertisement and marketing along with different other diversions such as Brand promotion, protection, awareness, legal along with waste management and auto sector that are controlled and managed by the subsidiaries brands under Fubee Digital Media. The Fubee digital team works with an effective strength of 4 offices around 290 in the same line. Fubee digital works in a partnership with more than 1500 partners and clients and this collaboration make it stable than the competitors in the market. The brand truly believes in analyzing the prospective challenges and offers disruptive products and services to its valuable customers with improvised availability, adaptation along with business environment analysis to increase the ROI with adaptive changes.


A CPI is known as cost per impression that is a price that is paid for an impression on the website of the publisher that offers the placement of the site on the search results on the website. So, let us suppose, the CPI of a website gets 1000 impressions ( page views) at consent of paid price of $10 CPM rate then the cost per impression will be = CPM Rate/1000.


This is the cost per lead is based on the conversion of the potential user visiting on the website to a possible lead. Basically, the conversion of possible leads to a potential client for future runs of the business. So, the cost per lead model explains that it is based on different types of leads that are cold lead, qualified market lead, and qualified lead for sales.

Social media marketing

The social media agency plan and implement strategies set for social media marketing on the right channel that can be single or multi-dimensional as every channel is extremely supportive and cooperative on their own. You can manage different users and also can lead to different marketing results. Social media marketing is key for a business to succeed as it delivers valuable insights about the competitors and the potential buyers online.